Cahaba Cycles – click the image to visit their site

Ways to follow the TNGA

Track Leaders will have the map up that should follow each rider with their Spot Enabled GPS Devices.  I have provided an embedded map of the TNGA here to follow along as well.

You can track me individually by clicking here to see my progress.

If you have a smart phone you can track the TNGA riders by clicking this link (BlueDot App)

Lastly, my editor Mollie will be updating this post with call-ins hosted by MTBCast.

I’ll occasionally check into Facebook/Twitter and give an update if I’m not too spent during a break (and have service).

Thanks while I’m on the TNGA

Cahaba Cycles

A big, huge “thank you” to Cahaba Cycles for making a lot of this happen for me.  If it weren’t for them I’d be sunk and there wouldn’t be a TNGA let alone a TourDivide!  Also, check out their new website, it rocks!


All my friends who have been so supportive during this time, thank you.  There are literally too many people to address so instead of listing a ton of names then forgetting someone (and having their feelings hurt like Stacey Davis) just know I appreciate you and thanks for everything.  It’s you guys who have taught me big things like how to hop off rocks, pack ultra light, repair things on my bike, climb, go fast. This stuff means a lot to me and I plan to use it on the TNGA.

Tracy McKay

Thanks to my coach, Tracy McKay of Black Market Fitness who has help me transform the way I look at ultra endurance racing and all the strategy involved leading up to the TNGA (I’m doing three whoppers in a year’s span.  The TNGA, The Heart of the South 500 and of course, the TourDivide).


Lastly and most importantly, thank you to my unbelievably wonderful and supportive wife who has been so patient and helpful during this whole event.  Kate if it weren’t for you, none of this would be possible and you’re an amazing friend and partner.  I love you.