Tour Divide 2012 Race Highlights Week 3

I’m going out of town this week and will be unable to update on Friday, so I’m updating early.

We have a winner! Congrats to Ollie Whalley from New Zealand!  See details below

It’s been three weeks now and the 2012 Tour Divide racers are going across the spine of the Continental Divide.   I’ve been keeping up with and will give some race highlights here complete with pictures.  Missed the first week? Click here.  Second week? Click here

As usual, this will be in bullet format and not very formal – just some general updates.  All updates came from either’s awesome forum or

June 22

  • Discussion if a vegetarian or vegan could survive the TourDivide at a rural dinner menu “What do you have on the dinner menu?  Oh, we have everything, sirloin, t-bone, ribeye, prime rib”
  • Tom Thomas is a vegetarian and him eating candy bars and veggie pizza
  • Craig and Ollie are neck and neck heading towards Antelope Wells (the finish line)!!!
  • From MTBCast: “Eszter Horanyi called in from Del Norte. Made it into Absolute Bikes to get her bike worked on before pushing on and sleeping in an outhouse overnight. Passing within 20 miles of her home, put her in a funk for a while today. Experienced a beautiful sunset heading into Del Norte today. Tracey Petervary called in from Kremling. Woke up a little weak this morning and feeling tired, but kept moving forward today. Tomorrow is Cosmic Day! Iron Mel Liebling called in from Flagg Ranch. Glad to be in Wyoming! Recaps the last couple of days passing through Montana, Idaho and into Wyoming. Some bike issues today, but that got worked out with help of nice family from Ohio. She had lots of reminders of Ohio today. Hanging with Michael, Mark and Tyson (who’s spot tracker is not working). Looking forward to tomorrow.”
  • Wind is unfavorable to riders currently
  • Craig and Ollie are setting record paces
  • Ollie has pulled a five minute lead and Craig has turned onto SAn Mateo Road.
  • Ollie takes a 20 minute break for lunch looks like he’s gunning for it
  • 12:34pm Craig stops at Wal Mart
  • 12:34pm Ollie is seven miles beyond this Wal Mart
  • Ollie now up 16 miles
  • Uh oh – Craig has a mechanical, looking for cheap parts in Wally World?
  • Craig seems to be having a pedal bearing issue
  • Craig is back on course!
  • Oh wait, Craig is backtracking, oh no!
  • Craig now at Handy Andy’s getting supplies
  • Craig just called in, his pedal is shot and no where to get one – very discouraged
  • Ollie is in Pie Town with a six hour lead still 300 miles to the finish line
  • Eszter now enters into New Mexico
  • There’s a noticeable difference in the riders’ paces these days – much slower
  • Josh Shifferly is on the scratch list
  • 3rd and 4th places are breathing down Craig’s neck! Get that pedal fixed soon!

June 23

  • 3rd place Garret has caught up with Craig!
  • 3 guys are 9 miles of each other racing nearly 300 miles for second!
  • George Deck’s bike is um…well it’s broken.  ouch (see picture)

  • Eszter is approaching the Canon Plaza snack shack
  • exceeded quota for bandwidth – that means this is a very watched race with many people checking it out
  • Tracy Burge is on the move again!  She’s well south of Butte now.
  • Jo Ann Burtard’s spot dot hasn’t moved on the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road today
  •  just two major obstacles left for Ollie – a 1000+ foot climb in about 20 miles, and an ice cream parlour in the tiny town of Pinos Altos. Good luck Ollie!
  • MTB Cast chimes in: Calls today – Georg Deck called in from Salida. He noticed on his way up Marshall Pass and noticed his frame was broken. He had to hitch-hike back to Salida to get it replaced. He will go back to Sargents to pick up the route again. Max Morris called in from Silverthorne. He’s going to take it slower today and hoping to get his legs back. Dan Haskins called in from Togwatee. He notes the mosquitoes! Fixie Dave Nice called in from Island Park. He also notes the mosquitoes and almost hit a grizzly!Two earlier calls from Michael Intrabartola and Ryan Correy are also posted. The site was down this morning and I’ve been in a plane most of the afternoon.
  • Ollie 120 miles from the finish line!
  • Looks like 2nd is going to come down to who wants to sleep less tonight.  Going to be a long one for the riders.  Looks like Craig hasn’t stopped for the past 9 hours!  Garrett and Kurt are keeping pace, just an hour behind after a rest stop.
  • looks like Eszter is going crush the womens record

June 24

  • Serge hasn’t moved in almost 11 hours.
  • Keep your eye on Cjell, he is right in there with Serge for 5th place
  • Ollie within 5 miles of Antelope Wells!!!
  • Ollie crosses the finish line! 16:02:54

  • MTBCast has calls in: Calls - Tyson Fahrenbruck called in from Atlantic City. His Spot is off but he hopes to get back online tomorrow. He’s still riding, though! And Kurt Sandiforth called in leaving Silver City! He’s making the final push!

June 25

  • Cjell looks like he has less than 200 miles to go to finish.
  • Craig Stappler finishes!
  • Looks like Eszter spent around 30 minutes at the Daily Pie Cafe
  • MTBCast with another update: Calls: Jim Stansbury called in from West Yellowstone where he’s still recouping. He says don’t count him out! He hopes to get back on route in a couple of days. And Jo Ann Burtard called in from Pinedale. She’s getting work done at the bike shop.
  • Looks like Cjell and Serge both have around 150 miles left to complete.
  • It looks like Cjell only has about 80 miles left! Is he gunning for it